Pussy's in the Well

Jon Freeman

Sasha Oldman is an attractive young woman, although she looks older and sadder than 15, her actual age. She has wild, dark hair and her left forearm, where it rests on the bed covers, bears many parallel scars.

"She did that with a drinking glass last time she got out of her room," explains the nurse on seeing your eyes linger. "The doctor lost his eye. But don't worry, she's heavily sedated now."

Sasha's eyes are deep hazel in colour, but are dead, staring at the wall. Her face is immobile. You know she killed her family a year ago. She was found in the street with a kitchen knife in each hand, spattered with blood. There was more in the house, a lot more. Mother, father, and brother. All stabbed and slashed repeatedly.

You talk to her, she makes no response. If you discuss her family she hums Bohemian Rhapsody and avoids your eyes. The more insistent you are, the louder she hums, and jerks against her waist restraint. If you show a picture of her family she goes wild, screaming lots of gibberish, "They made me do it, bad fucking fuckers! Ding Dong Dell! Fuck fuck! Bad lights in the dark down below! Can't run! Not me now. Jack and Jill all fall DOWN!"

By the last sentence her voice is inhuman. Spittle flies from her lips and her face becomes a mask of hatred.


1     Sasha and her family were cultists, who practiced foul rites and disposed of human remains in their basement well. Sasha was driven over the edge by what she witnessed and in a subconcious attempt to escape the cult and her memories, slaughtered her own family. She knows that the rest of the cult still exitst and that someone will try to silence her. The investigators, in attempting to help Sasha or uncover the cult's activities, themselves become the target of supernatural and mundane attacks.

2     Sasha's home lies on top of an ancient well used by an old cult. Spirits infest the place and Sasha's brother accidentally released their malevolence when he discovered the well. Sasha was possessed (and still is) when her brother showed her the "cool stuff" he found in the basement. Exorcism is Sasha's only hope, but to perform it the investigators must battle the institution authorities, cultists and the possessed Sasha herself.

3     Below Sasha's home, below their basement well, lies some kind of subterranean cavern or extra-dimensional realm. Sasha's brother inadvertantly destroyed the elder sign sealing the entrance and whatever was trapped entered the house and quickly tore everything and everyone apart. Sasha defended herself and family as best she could, losing her mind in the process. So what happened to whatever Sasha's brother released? And where is it now?

Copyright (c) 1996 Jon Freeman