Dark Incal

Perry Okerstrom

Famed British Archaeologist Alfred Pennyworth has disappeared in a cloud of controversy over his latest findings at Tell el 'Amarna.

The site is more infamously known for the theft of the bust of Nefertiti by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchadt of the German-Oriental Society in 1912.

Rumour has Pennyworth making an equally significant discovery, the 'Dark Incal' a statue in the shape of Anubis, Guardian of the Dead. This piece of statuary, if it exists, is purported to have magical properties.

The professor's jeep was found abandoned in the desert approximately three miles from his camp. No signs of a struggle were found. Speculation proposes that the professor is lost in a sandstorm.

No trace of the statue can be found. The professor is presumed dead.


1     The statue is a representation of the N'Ho, a tribe of sand dwellers making their home in the desert during the time of the Egyptians. A small enclave of the tribe still exists and Pennyworth died at their claws as they recaptured their totem.

2     The statue, with the help of a piece of translated papyrus, was used to summon Anubis. However, without a binding ritual there was nothing to keep the old god at bay. He grabbed the professor and dragged him back to his realm.

3     The professor's jeep overheated in the desert. Unable to re- start it he set out on foot in the direction he thought his camp lay. He perished in the storm, hugging his prized possession to his chest.

Copyright (c) 1990 Perry Okerstrom