An Outbreak of Cancer

Steve Hatherley


Doctor Robert Jones yesterday admitted failure in treating the baffling disease which is affecting the villagers of Hodgeston, Pembrokeshire in South Wales.

Doctor Jones describes the disease's first symptoms as a number of cancerous growths protruding from the skin. These can be of many different forms and gradually grow worse and worse until the patient is covered with the unsightly marks, and dies.

The cancers have taken on many unusual and sometimes disturbing forms. Doctor Jones has reports of cases where it seemed that faces were forming on stomachs and backs, and rubbery tentacles appear to be quite common.

So far 13 people in Hodgeston have died from the disease, with twice that number known to be infected. The disease has not responded to any form of treatment.

The strange disease is not confined to Hodgeston and Doctor Jones has patients in several of the surrounding villages. The disease is confined to Hodgeston and the surrounding area.

Doctor Jones will eventually require outside help. He might call upon the aid of a medical school colleague of his, perhaps one of the investigators.


1     The cancers are punishments inflicted upon the population of Hodgeston and its surrounds by a group of active Lloigor. Their presence is also indicated by the abnormally high number of fatal 'accidents' reported in the papers. Inbreeding is common and the local population is generally filthy and unkempt.

2     A War Office establishment is pumping waste products into the sea at Tenby, just along the coast. The currents are bringing this waste around to where Hodgeston sends its half dozen fishing smacks. The cancers are a direct result of eating contaminated fish.

3     Several months ago there was a report of a meteor shower above South Wales. However, one of the meteors did not completely burn up and landed in a local river. It is radioactive and contaminating the water supply to Hodgeston.

Copyright (c) 1990 Steve Hatherley